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Our Business Values

At Noblerise, we are committed to providing high-quality EMS equipment that meets the needs of both businesses and end-users. We believe in:

Reliable and Trouble-Free Equipment

Customer Satisfaction

Affordable Prices


Our equipment is designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring trouble-free operation for years to come.
We are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, providing the most favorable terms and fully licensed products that meet all necessary quality and safety standards.
We are committed to offering unbeatable value, with prices that are 40-60% lower than our European competitors.
Our equipment comes with a cutting-edge training app developed in-house, providing pre-built programs for easy use, as well as a custom mode for personalized workouts.

Experience the Ultimate Workout and Relaxation Solution with Our Multifunctional Equipment




Suitable for overall fitness improvement. Increases muscle size, builds lean body mass, and burns excess body fat. Also boosts stamina, muscle stability, and strength.
Ideal for improving athletic performance and rehabilitating injured muscles. Helps boost speed, strength, agility, and balance.
Suitable for beginners with low endurance. Prepares the body for more challenging programs.


Custom Mode

A mode for professionals that can precisely set up the equipment for achieving their own goals. Whether you're a personal trainer, massage therapist or other healthcare professional, our custom mode provides you with the flexibility to tailor the equipment to meet your clients' needs.
Suitable for reducing body weight and overall body fat. Targets problematic areas that are difficult to work out with classic exercises.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Relaxing Massage

Firming Massage

Recovering Massage

This easy program is designed to help slim and lift the skin for people with excess weight and sagging skin. It's not suitable for highly obese people.
This program accelerates water recirculation and metabolism, helping with recovery from musculoskeletal diseases and correcting posture.
This mode relaxes muscle tissue after an intense workout and is recommended if the previous workout was hard.
This mode improves tone, strengthens muscles, and lifts your mood. It's recommended after a light introductory workout.
This mode launches post-workout recovery processes and is recommended for use on the day after training.

Designed for Professionals, Affordable for All

EMS training has been proven to be effective all over the world. Historically, it was more commonly used by professional athletes, movie stars, and supermodels due to its high cost. However, with the cost of EMS training now at the level with traditional personal training, it has become more accessible to a wider range of people.

Today, EMS training is the fastest growing fitness trend in the last 3 years.

Training session — 25 minutes

Safe for joints, perfect for rehabilitation

Good for fat-burning

Fine tuning for athletes — increase in reaction, explosive strength, power

Noticeable effect after the first workout

The full set of high-end EMS equipment for your business or personal needs

Whatever set of equipment you choose, it will have everything you need for your stated purpose. The typical composition of the kit includes:
NobleRise Pulse Generator
EMS suits complete with wiring and electrodes (sizes: S, M, L, XL)
Graphite-coated electrodes
Signature tablet stand
Tablet with NobleRise Trainer software for training management
Instructions for use, Charger, Spray
Certificates for NobleRise equipment
Case for transporting equipment

Noblerise EMS suit

Premium wires
High-strength and at the same time very flexible premium German wires. These wires are also used in the German medical and mechanical sectors.
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Lightweight, wireless and ultra-comfortable, the NobleRise suit is the masterpiece of years of EMS development. Built from the finest materials, tested by tens of thousands of happy customers.
The NobleRise pulse generator is the most technologically advanced and complex part of the whole kit. It generates and transmits impulses to the electrodes in the suit via a special magnetic wire. Impulses are configured using the NobleRise app on the trainer’s tablet. The wireless connection between the generator and the tablet allows for freedom of movement and comfort during training.
The NobleRise tablet app controls the impulses and allows you to choose a ready-made program, customize it or create your own based on the sports goals. With the app, you have complete control over the width, power, and intensity of the pulses, ensuring a precise workout.

Additionally, the app serves as a sports CRM system, allowing coaches to store client information, track progress through bioimpedance analysis, build graphs and monitor progress in all areas. This feature is useful for coaches to select the right workouts and for clients to track their development.

Smart pulse generator

Tablet with EMS training app with CRM functions

Trusted by hundreds businesess and thousands people

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NobleRise knowledge base

NobleRise knowledge base that contains scientific research on the results of EMS training application, equipment manuals, marketing materials for partners and other information.

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